Hindustani Vocal technique is the science of Human Vocal ability.
Over the last 900 years this technique has been perfected by the amazing Gurus and passed on to their Students
with great care and precision.

The Music Gurukul will help you develop a voice that can entertain people and express the deepest of emotions.

To get started:
1. Teacher begins with fundamentals
2. Swaras and Vocal Lessons
3. Details of Sur and Taal
4 Over the years students will learn material in increasing order of difficulty and detail

The Music Gurukul’s Hindustani Vocal Course will help you achieve:
1. Master the techniques
2. Develop Vocal character
3. Complete knowledge of Theory
4. Learn a range of amazing music from Acclaimed Artists
5. Develop Stage confidence
6. Correct microphone technique

1. Instrument may be suggested to help practice of lessons
2. Daily practice is necessary
3. Coach will let you know once you are ready for Examinations.
4. Listen to a lot of music as suggested by the coach
5. Attend Live Concerts
6. Watch relevant Material on You-Tube

Call us on 9819755116 to get started.