Concerts / Live Performances

What would an awesome learning experience be without Live Performances !

The Music Gurukul gives all the students to learn and reach a point where they can go up on stage and
experience the Joy of performing for a Live Audience.

All student share the following learnings from performing live :
1. We learn to be sincere towards our art
2. We develop the right attitude to individual practice
3. Students learn to work with a Band when they collaborate with other musicians.
4. Technical, theory and practical abilities are put to a test.
5. The joyful response of an audience fills our hearts with enthusiasm like never before.
6. Students realize why do senior musicians stress on Daily practice and a sincere approach
7. Every student appreciates music and musicianship of self and others with a whole new level of clarity.

Students perform live by way of:
1. Annual Concerts
Conducted in third week of every January, the Annual Concert helps to push students to test their creativity and musicianship to
greater limits. This is an amazing experience for all students
a) Extra Practice Sessions with Tutors
b) Practice with Pro Gear
c) Live performance in a Big Auditorium
d) Top Notch Sound system complete with Sound Monitors

2. Small venue gigs
These are at commercial venues mall halls and at NGOs for small but passionate audiences.

3. Schools / Colleges :
These are avenues that students should explore in order to get to perform and improve in the realm of music.

No matter what the opportunity – we should put our best efforts every step of the way and put up an awesome show.The same attitude eventually reflects in every aspect of our life!