Guitar Courses –

The Music Gurukul brings for all guitar lovers structured and fun modules to help them learn and master the Guitar from beginners to advanced levels. These courses cover all aspects of music theory and practical to have a music student become proficient guitarist.
There are four modules to learn Guitars at The Music Gurukul.

Module One covers fundamentals, finger exercise, songs, tunes and basic music theory.

Module Two helps students learn music reading and writing with the help of detailed course material . This is supplemented by special books by The Music Gurukul to help them go ahead in terms of theory and songs.

Module Three covers intermediate theory using grade books. Intermediate level scales and harmony are covered in this module.

Module Four welcomes students to Advanced material by helping students Learn and understand Guitar solos and harmony in detail. The teachers will also cover advanced scales and chords.

Advanced Guitar Course –
Serious students of Music who wish to pursue a career in Music performance and recording are welcome for the Advanced Guitar Course with our Special Faculty and Course Fomats for the same.

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Note for Parents –

  1. Please meet the coach at regular intervals to take feedback.
  2. Ensure students get daily music practice.
  3. Music learning is a journey of few years. Please don’t quick fixes.
  4. Ensure the student is exposed to quality music and watches relevant material as advised by the tutor.
  5. Maintain a good instrument. Take help of PGA Music Store if you need any service / repair of your guitar.