The Music Gurukul has Systematic Modules on Keyboards and Piano.
All those fascinated by the wonderful keys are welcome to take a Trial to get started.
Keyboard / Piano learning is an extremely enriching experience. A lot of studies suggest that
learning of Keys/Piano makes the student sharper and rewires the brain to help us grow phenomenally in various ways.

One – Basic Technique / Fundamental Theory / Music Pieces from Recommended Books
Two – Intermediate Theory and Technique / Grade Books
Three – Advanced Level 1 : Advanced Theory and Technique / Further Grades
Four – Advanced Level 2 : Advanced Theory and Technique / Advanced Grades

1. Instrument is necessary immediately after Class One.
2. Daily practice is necessary
3. Coach will let you know once you are ready for Examinations.
4. Important to practice with Metronome
5. Listen to a lot of music as suggested by the coach
6. Attend Live Concerts
7. Watch relevant Material on You-Tube

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