Music Production Course –

The Music Gurukul is thrilled to present a Tailor made course for those who wish to master Music Production in a short and meaningful Module.
We respect the time and resources of the Indian musician and have planned the course accordingly.

Music Production refers to the use of specialised software called – DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to create music of any genre.
Students can learn to record on these Multi-Track software and develop textures with infinite possibilities.

TMG’s Music Production Students have gone ahead and made careers in music production and composing in the Music Industry.

The Music Gurukul offers this Complete Crash Course to intelligently get students deep into the world of Music Production.
Students learn the following – 
1. Complete understanding of Hardware and Software
2. Studio Acoustics
3. Miking techniques / Audio Recording
4. Midi recording and Editing
5. Signal Processing
6. Using loops and samples
7. Using soft synths 
8. Composing / Arrangement
9. Music for Various Styles and Requirements
10. Mix and Mastering
11. Understanding the scene and working with musicians.

This course is covered in the format of 14 Sessions of 90 minutes each.
These can be covered in 7 or 14 weeks.

For fees and attending a Demo – Call : TMG Helpline – 9819755116