Note to Parents / Students

1. Attend sessions with the students to know their syllabus.
2. Enroll yourself for Music lessons to be able to honestly support them
3. Watch Live Concerts together of all genres
4. Attend Music Workshops together
5. Ensure the student practices daily
6. Help the student do Time Management
7. Be strict with them but obviously do Not Over do it.
8. Many of our students who get everything that they ask for , do not appreciate the journey, the instrument, the learning and the tutors.
It is important that parents counsel the child one to one and in front of the coach once in a while.
9. Meet the tutor periodically to get feedback.
10. Sing, dance and play and instrument with your child. If you do not appreciate and connect with the music that your child is working on, eventually
the child will give up.
11. Do Not expect miracles in the Music journey. It takes years to learn and master a Musical instrument.
12. Teach the child to say Sorry, Please, Thank you and respect the seniors. Music tutors appreciate students who are willing to learn
and respect the process , material and the coach. Humility is an important trait to be retained when learning and beyond.
13. TMG Team will be happy to guide you thoroughly to ensure that the student has the most productive learning experience.

Thanks so much.