The Music Gurukul

The summer of 2001 saw the birth of The Music Gurukul from the suburb of Chembur in Mumbai. Having started from a single room to share guitar lessons with a bunch of enthusiastic local kids, The Music Gurukul (TMG) is now a full-fledged Music School that has trained more than 5000 students in various disciplines. TMG – the parent Institute that brings together under its wing :

  • Pro Guitar Academy (PGA)
  • The Drum School (TDS)
  • Violin & Strings Academy (VSA) 
  • Piano Circle (Keyboards & Piano)
  • Hindustani Vocal Technique
  • Western Vocal Approach
  • Music Production Course
  • PGA Music Store &
  • TMM Studios


As per ancient India, the Gurukul system of learning is the most sacred form of imparting knowledge from a Guru (teacher) to a Shishya (student). As we see our students put in long hours of practice and maintain a high level of dedication to music, we are confident that our teachers and students are definitely upholding the age-old traditions.

Tutors and students interact to understand music in great depth. All aspects of music theory and practicals are covered in these sessions. Students are given exposure to quality video and audio material in order to understand and learn from the music of the greatest artists of the world.

Younger students need parents to support and encourage them and be involved at every step of the way. Older students are required to ask questions, perform and take initiative. The Music Gurukul’s trained and passionate teachers will ensure that all students have a fun and power packed learning experience!

We are the only professional music school offering lessons for children, adults and seniors.


The Music Gurukul has been founded by guitarist, singer and music producer/composer – Hitesh Rupani.

A resident of Mumbai, Hitesh started by learning Guitars in 1998 from the finest teachers in Mumbai. He went ahead to learn Music at University of Limerick, Ireland. On his return, he got actively into live performances, composing and music production.

Hitesh has been passionate about all genres of music be it Rock, Blues, Jazz, Hindustani Classical, Western Classical to Sufi and Folk.

Currently, he heads The Music Gurukul and strives towards providing the finest music coaching to all. Besides that Hitesh is a music producer for Albums, Films, Audio-Visuals, Advertisements etc. and operates from The Music Mistry Studio.


You can reach Hitesh –

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The Music Gurukul has come this far with just one goal – to promote top notch Music Education.
Each student is unique and is fascinated by the world of music and how it touches their soul.
That is where the The Music Gurukul comes in with Music Education that matches International Standards.

Our mentors bring the right material to the student and encourage him/her to explore it with all their being.
Thus putting them on the road to mastering his/her chosen instrument/vocals or musical style.

In the last 16 years we have successfully taught scores of students and intend to continue guiding each life

to the very best of our ability. We ensure that each coach associated with The Music Gurukul is not only a master of their principle instrument / musical style but also

understands each student completely.

In the years to come The Music Gurukul would want to surpass all heights and take Quality Music Education to lakhs of students from all over.

We devise workshops and courses specific to all requirement.

We currently coach at:
1. Chembur Complete Music School
(Guitar/Drums/Violin/Keyboards/Hindustani and Western Vocal and Music Production)
2. Matunga – Guitar Centre
3. Wadala – Guitar and Keyboards Centre
4. Coaching at Shishuvan School
5. Complete Music Coaching for Employees of Mahindra & Mahindra
(Corporate Sessions)
6. Khar (W) – Guitar Coaching

We have taught at various other centers, schools, corporate sessions, workshops and performed at concerts and NGO gigs.

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The Music Gurukul

We have talented and the most experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, drums, hindustani / western vocals and music-production course!
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