Note for Parent’s

Note for Parent’s

Congratulations on knowing that you can do a lot to begin your young child’s music training!

You can help your child learn music in the following ways:

1. Take your child to concerts and music performances of all kinds.

2. Take your child to musicians and talk about music.

3. Listen to good music together.

4. Stay away from noise.

5. Never use ear-phones – Our ears are not made to use earphones. Abuse of your ears will ensure that you will have to start saving up for hearing aids. We have seen many young students who have reduced hearing because of overuse of earphones.

6. Watch concerts and music performances of all styles

7. Read up “Nurtured by Love” by Shinichi Suzuki a genius in the field of music education for infants.

8. Listen to song with good lyrics.

9. Learn an instrument yourself.

10. Music learning requires years of dedicated practice. Expect no miracles.

11. Come and sit for a class of all instruments with your child in tow.

12. Educate yourself about all possible instruments coaching available around you.

13. Invest in a fairly good instrument.

14. Get even your young child an actual small instrument if possible. Ensure supervision to avoid damage or getting hurt.

15. Listen and appreciate all styles of music – Classical, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Sufi, Bhajans, Gospel, Qawalis, Funk, Soul, Rap etc.!!

16. Attend music workshops even if you don’t understand anything; be rest assured that influences and inspiration will be created.

17. Sing and sway to good music.

18. Meditate individually and together so that you are all relaxed and happy. Then you can enjoy music and all Art forms together. Our work and hectic lives will leave us in no state to learn music. WE all have to learn to have Faith in the future and commit to the present.

19. If you love music go ahead and learn your favorite instrument for minimum of 2 years. Practice well and explore it by attending concerts and reading up on net. When you yourself are a musician (to a descent extent) you will be able to help your child amazingly well in his/her journey.

20. If you choose an instrument, go all the way. Don’t enroll your child for drum lessons and shy away from buying drums for years. Same goes for all instruments.

21. Read good books with your child. Play in a garden together. Visit an NGO together. Develop a friendship with your child and they will trust you as you guide them in this wonderful journey called life.

22. Life is not easy. Why expect music learning to be a piece of cake? Our blood, sweat and tears can make everything possible.

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